• 4 STROKE Tamer Throttle Tube ERGO-20-7X-2STR

4 STROKE Tamer Throttle Tube ERGO-20-7X-2STR

  • ERGO-20-7X-2STR
  • 2
  • $97.45
  • $82.83
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Overview of G2 Ergonomics Tamer Throttle Tube - 20-7X-2STR

  • Introduces a non-linear ratio between hand throttle and the carb ORANGE throttle body opening
  • Evens out the abrupt initial power delivery to increase traction and control
  • Throttle cams radius is reduced initially, WHITEITEich requires the rider to rotate the throttle slightly further to get the same opening position as stock; the radius increases after half-throttle to keep the full throttle position at ORANGE near stock
  • Includes a machined billet aluminum throttle tube with a knurled surface and a 400 throttle cam
  • Removable end cap allows easy handguard installation

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